Our Spring in review: Blind Dates, Easter Bunny and Blockchain

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Take a few seconds.


Breathe deeply.

Can you feel it?

Yas. Summer is coming!

Not before wrapping up how our Spring looked like.

We were busy bees around here checking a few of our milestones and creating even more happy memories together.

Let’s open some champagne and take it one by one.

We discovered our values! And, God, they are so us!

One of our goals for this year was to define our values. Basically, to put into words our feelings and way of doing things.

Our discovery process was facilitated by Dacian Pascuta and it wasn’t an ordinary one. On the contrary. It was very personal, connected with our roots as individuals and with the things that drive us.

The result was amazing. Every action, internal initiative or client interaction is based on these 5 words that for us aren’t just words, are pillars for everything we do.

We will describe in a separate article the whole process and our learning points.

Until then, our values, the ones that make us who we are, areeeee *drum rolls* please:


New Rebels on board!

We also grew our team this Spring: 4 more rebels with good manners joined our team and are in the full process of Rebelization.

They joined our team on different departments: testing, administrative (business development), mobile and web development.

We loooove Blind Dates!

Remember this article? We talked about the story behind this initiative and the process. From that moment up until now, we had over 73 Blind Dates and we keep them coming.

The greatest thing about these ‘’dates with a twist’’ is that we’ve managed to get to know each other beyond the working title. Moreover, we realized how alike we are. From same food taste to childhood memories or challenges in buying an apartment we’ve covered all the topics.

Blind Dates.png

Wellbeing Program was so much fun. And challenging.

Every internal initiative planned for this year was focused on our core values: care, togetherness and fun. The best part about Wellbeing Program was that it took us out of our comfort zone and it made us, for 12 consecutive weeks, change some behaviors related to our mind, body, and spirit.

This week is the last one and we named it ‘’Mission I’m Possible’’ because we have to do EVERY CHALLENGE that we had for the past 11 weeks. Challenging challenge, right? 😉

You can read more about the program here.

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Special treatment for our Rebel girls

Celebrating 8th of March by crafting something special for our girls. An everyday reminder to never forget that they are bold, strong and beautiful.


We've got new YELLOW backpacks!

This Spring the Easter Bunny came with a Yellow surprise. A yellow backpack personalized with our logo. Whenever you see it use the hashtag #SpotTheRebels and we will post your picture on our profile.


Tech and Other Talks: CSS, Excel and Blockchain 

Every month one of us is preparing a Tech or Other Talk where we discuss diverse subjects that contribute to our growth. This Spring we learned about how to start loving Excel, why is CSS awesome without overrides and how to demystify Blockchain. Looking forward to many more!

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New Microsoft MVC certification in the house!

Super happy and proud that our colleague, Ioana, passed the Microsoft MVC exam. We’ve celebrated with our tradition. But shhht! That’s a secret only the Rebels can unlock.


The first article in Today Software Magazine: Challenges of Adopting Blockchain

Probably you already know that Blockchain is one of the technologies we work with and we were happy to write more about it in the 82nd edition of Today Software Magazine.

You can read the article here.

Source: Unsplash 


UX, UX and UX. Did we say UX?

We believe in going UX first when building a new digital product. We are aware of the value this approach brings to the table for our clients and that it is why it should be treated as a necessity.

More about this topic you can find in the article Andrei Holobut prepared, where he goes into details explaining why UX first is not a trend but a necessity. You can read more about it here.

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Startup Live partners!

We love working with startups and help early-stage Start Up-ers get wings for their entrepreneurial journey. That’s why we have decided to become partners for Startup Live event in Cluj. Our CEO, Tudi and our UX Team Lead, Tom were part of the jury and helped the teams with pieces of advice. For the winner, we prepared a special UX workshop with our team.

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That’s a wrap!

Keep in touch for #AllAboutTheRebels series. ❤

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