Designing for trust: Wellbeing program

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 We promised you in the last article that we will share with you more details about our internal initiatives. Don’t forget to follow #allabouttherebels to always be up to date with the news.

Caring about our people, beyond their role at RebelDot, is something that defines our culture. We care about how we feel at every level: psychically, mentally and why not, spiritually. That’s why all the initiatives we planned for this year are based on 2 of our core values: care and trust.

Having this in mind, we’ve designed a Wellbeing program that helps us achieve just that.

We’ve started round 1 of the program with a series of challenges. For the next 12 weeks, we help each other follow healthier habits for our mind, body and spirit. Although there are individual challenges, we are all responsible for the team’s success.

Wellbeing program (3).png

How does the program work?


Weekly reminder

Every week we have a challenge we need to accomplish. On Monday morning, we post a reminder on our Slack channel with the details about the week that just started: how we define it, if there are any tools we can use to keep track of our progress. 

From that point on we are responsible to constantly remind each other about the challenge and stick to it.


Tracking system

We’ve also put in place a tracking system using the dots system:

  • Green dot – we receive it if we stick to the challenge for all the 5 days of the week
  • Yellow dot – we receive it if we stick to the challenge for 3 out of 5 days
  • Red dot – we receive it if we stick to the challenge for one day only or not at all

Closing the week

At RebelDot we have all kind of traditions. One of them is to have a short company meeting every Friday where we discuss business and events updates.

After the company meeting, we all gather in front of our Wellbeing tracking sheet and add the dots according to our week’s progress. 

RebelDot wellbeing 2.jpg


Sharing the fun with you

Apart from sharing the joy between us, we share our accomplishments and learning points, at the end of every week, with you on our Facebook page. So feel free to check our page and, why not, join the challenge. 

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