The story behind our Blind Dates

Did you know that we spend around 90 000 hours of our life at work? This is almost 1/3 of our experience on Earth.


Can you imagine spending all this time in an unfriendly environment and having colleagues that don’t share the same mindset and values with you?

 We don’t know about you, but we prefer to spend all this precious time in an environment where we can help each other grow: as experts but also as people. A place where we can have fun while building dreams for our clients.

 That’s why we have decided to start a couple of internal initiatives that will help us do just that. We will share them with you one by one.


Our first initiative might make you raise your eyebrows and challenge your introvert side. Curious why? The name says it all: Blind Dates with a twist.


The idea behind it is to create the context for our colleagues to step outside their comfort zone and to share with each other more about their personal life: passions, secrets, feelings, hopes and dreams.  We were so happy to have Narcoffee supporting our idea. Thank you, guys! You rock!



For this initiative, the recipe is quite simple, yet efficient. Using we paired our colleagues. After the randomization, we receive an email with the details and a voucher that we can use to choose our coffee or tea. From this point on, all we have to do is to enjoy our time together.

Untitled collage (1).png

After the date, each pair will post on our slack channel a selfie with them and a short description with the things they’ve found about each other. Shhht! We’ve found out some secrets that we can’t tell you unless you join us. 😉

It’s a great feeling to see how people connect with each other and how many things in common we have.

Untitled collage (2).png


What do you think? Would you like to go on a blind date with a Rebel?

 P.S: If you want to see what “being a rebel” means just follow the #allabouttherebels.


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