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Who we are

We are passionate technophiles, active lifestyle advocates, party people. We are introverts and extroverts, courageous and fearless, men and women, cool dads and cool moms. 

We try our best to make things work and we are not afraid of change. You recognize us by our professionalism and our creative thinking. Challenging projects are our main source of learning and our colleagues always give us reasons to smile. We are cool, energetic, moody, flexible, young, talkative, sometimes grumpy, coffee and Irish Cream Tea drinkers. We go through Mondays with an extra cup of coffee and enjoy a yummy lunch at CBC. 

We are people. With good and bad days. 

All leading the line at RebelDot.

Workplace & Culture

Being part of the RebelDot team is all about being authentic. Authentic about who we are, what we do and how we do it. Flexibility is what defines us the most. We are flexible when it comes to seeking solutions, our environment and the decisions we take. We present ourselves as rebels with good manners: we like to speak the truth, but in a constructive way. Passion for technology is what brought and kept us together. You should see our library! We share common values but also different opinions. These are the things that make us grow together as a team. Being a RebelDot is all about trust, responsibility and courage to be different. 

Perks of being a RebelDot

When it comes to perks we are not talking about premium health insurance, training budgets or our unlimited holidays policy. For us, perks of being a RebelDot are related to our way of doing things.

  • People

    Our people are the heart of our business. We know it might sound cheesy but it's true. This is reflected in how we take our decisions and the way we pay attention to every small detail.
    Spending 3 weeks and buying 96 different, personalized, Christmas gifts for each and every one of us might give you an idea about what we are talking about.

  • Growing with us

    We must confess: being part of our team is challenging. Challenging because you are more than your Job Description. You are able to make yourself part of the big picture and try out new things. Curious about what your colleague is doing on another project? Interested in learning a new technology? Just let us know and we are open to find the best solution for your development.

  • Flexibility

    Did the word “cliché” just pop in your mind? No problem. It happens to us also when talking about overused words. But how does flexibility really apply in the things that we do? Not only that we have a really cool working schedule and an unlimited holidays policy, but we also have a flexible approach when it comes to technology and projects. Our vision is to turn technology into an asset for every business, but in an ever-changing industry we simply cannot do that, unless we keep on being open and agile.

  • Approachability

    RebelDot is not that type of company with a very strict hierarchy. It's a company where the CEO is sitting with you at the table during lunch and helps you move your stuff around if you need help.
    The place where you can have a good laugh over a cup of coffee on a Monday morning or during our company weekly meetings. Having that startup mentality mixed with a strong knowledge base allows us to also have a fast decision process.

Keep an eye on us:

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1550 Copenhagen Directions +40 (0)749 993 993


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48268 Greven Directions getintouch@rebeldot.com


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Oradea Directions careers@rebeldot.com

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