5 years with RebelDot. The story behind.

Hi world,

 Meet our colleague, Elisei.

 Eli is sharing the Rebel mindset with us since 2014. 5 years of learning and enjoying the rebel flavor. Discover him and his journey below.


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1. Tell us a few words about yourself

Hey, I’m Elisei. Miron Elisei.

I’m probably the oldest guy from the ‘rebels’ but you can only prove that with an ID😊.

I’m passionate about mountain bike races. Funny fact is that this sport actually got me closer to web design and to this awesome job because this is how I met Tudi, the CEO of RebelDot. Besides that, I like technology and how it helps us in our daily routine or even in sport. Also, I like any kind of design disciplines: digital & graphics, interior design, physical products, etc. However, I was always more fascinated about how a website or a product is implemented rather than how it looks.

2. What words would you use to describe your 5-year experience?

5 years ago, I started a completely different career, from a very basic level. Since then I've been learning something new every day and I do not exaggerate when I say this happens every day. So, can you guess the word that first pops up in my mind? Apart from learning, other words defining RebelDot are persistence, teamwork, do your best.

3. What is keeping you with the company?

We are building cool things and the feeling that I can contribute to these is amazing. As I said, here I’m learning daily and is very important for me and my career to feel that I can grow and that the company is helping me do that. On the other hand, an important aspect is the work climate: how we work together and how we have fun in our spare time. We are not only colleagues but also friends with common interests or passions.

4. What is one of your dearest memories? What about the funniest?

There were many moments with good vibes and that’s more important than if it was a funny moment or a serious one 😊. I remember a bottle of wine from a happy partner, a ping-pong championship where I lost with a lot of laughs or a lot of jokes, even bad jokes from a former colleague. I remember with a smile on my face every movie/board games night, team building or company party.


5. Would you share with us a few of your learning points after all these years?

Have no fear to make mistakes because you have a team to correct you. Try different approaches and technologies, get out of the comfort zone, ask for help when in struggle and offer your help if you can. Take responsibilities, assume your decisions.


6. What does having a rebel mindset mean for you?

To believe in your own vision and skills, to have the courage to do things in your own style as long as the results are coming. Specifically, a rebel mindset means to break monotony sometimes. You work from home or come to the office in the afternoon if that makes you feel more productive and doesn’t impact your team efforts or just take a day off.


7. Do you have any advice for the ones that are just starting their career at RebelDot?

If you are already one of us, then you know what to do 😊 Just play cool, we’ll do great things together.


Thank you, Elisei, for sharing your experience with us!


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