Andi’s 10-year anniversary with RebelDot. And counting.


Hello RebelDots,

 Have you ever wondered how it’s like to work for 10 years at the same company? Especially during these dynamic times? There is someone in our team that can tell you all about it.

Meet Andi. Our Senior Software Developer. Our ‘’Original’’. The colleague that has been with us from day 1 and that is still finding joy in coming back to work after all these years. 


Tell us a few words about yourself

I value time. I try to balance work and personal time as much as possible. I enjoy the feeling of knowing I made an impact.


What words would you use to describe your 10-year experience?

Continuous Learning and Improvement – even after 10 years, I feel like every week I’m learning something new. It can be about technology, about dealing with projects and client needs or about working as a team.


 What is keeping you with the company?

The feeling that I am valued and trusted, that people around know they can rely on me and I can rely on them.


What is one of your dearest memories? How about the funniest?

Some memories already get blurry, or mixed up with others, but some, even old ones, seem to have happened yesterday. The oldest one that is dear to me and still very clear is my 22nd birthday, which was my first since I joined the company. When the company was small, celebration was big and warm.


 Would you share with us a few of your learning points after all these years?

The key learning point is to talk last. That way, you accomplish several things: 

  • listen, and people appreciate that, everyone wants to be listened
  • validate your own view or opinion and relate it to others
  • ensure your view sticks 😊

How did you celebrate your anniversary?

With Balloons, sweets and a very nice dinner. 

from the haywards (4).png

Do you have any advice for the ones that are just starting their career at RebelDot?

Don’t rush, you can’t learn everything at the same time. Don’t settle on the first solution you find, but look for alternatives. And most importantly, ASK questions. RebelDot has a lot of knowledgeable people. Even though Google and StackOverflow almost always have all the answers, they do only if you type in the right question; talking to your colleagues can prove much more valuable in the long run.


Thank you, Andi for being a great colleague and for sharing your knowledge with us!


P.S: We wanted to make Andi feel special so on his Anniversary we prepared a Special Day: from the ride to the office offered by our CEO, a desk full of balloons and Andi’s favorite dessert from Panemar to a delicious dinner at Baracca.


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