My pre-employment journey | Valentin

Hello RebelDots,

We continue our pre-employment program stories with Valentin. He joined us last month together with his colleague, Sergiu, and they both seem to really enjoy their time here. 

If you missed Sergiu’s story you can see it here.

Tell us a bit about yourself and how your passion for technology started

My name is Cristian Valentin Pantea, I'm 20 years old and I study Information Technology at University of Oradea.

Ever since I got my first computer, I started to have a passion for technology. I was curious to learn how this "box" works, how these games are made or how I can crack into their code to unlock different levels. Things got tricky in High School when even though I was going for a technical degree (Maths and Information Technology) I wanted to become a cop. I was almost sure that it was what I wanted, even through my last days of High School, until I asked myself if that's what I really want to do. Today, I'm 100% sure that I made the right choice.


Why RebelDot? Why did you choose this program?

At first, when I saw the online flyer about an IT company called RebelDot I immediately thought "Wow, that's such a cool name". After that, I did my research about RebelDot and their pre-employment program and I applied immediately. The program is based on front-end technologies, something that I really enjoy doing, and that was the main selling point.


How was your first month as part of the pre-employment program?

The first month was great. I've learned a lot. There were many things which I wouldn't have understood on my own but thanks to this awesome team I've managed to understand everything.


What do you like best about the program?

So many things. First, I don't feel like "I have to go to work" but more like "I'm happy that I get to go to work" here at RebelDot.

Then, I love the flexible schedule, that I can stay longer today if I know that I won't be able to stay that many hours tomorrow and vice versa.

Also, everyone from the team is down to help you whether it's 9AM or 9PM and patient with every problem that I have.

Last but not least, the technologies that we use. I just fell in love with Typescript and Angular.


What is one awesome thing you’ve learned so far?

Definitely Angular. Even though I was afraid of it, because it seemed quite hard, now I'm so thankful that Angular exists and that makes everything easier and faster.


What do you hope to learn by the end of the program?

I was a professional athlete for about 8 years and I know how important team work is. That's why one of my goals by the end of this program is to learn how to work proficiently on a project.


Share with us one funny thing about the RebelDots.

We are powerful. Every time we are playing table football we hit the ball so hard that it sometimes flies out of the table into the window or maybe into the TV. I'm pretty sure that someone will break something one day. Oh, and our colleague, Ioana, fears for her life when she's playing because of this.

Thank you, Valentin!

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