Did You Say Unlimited Holiday?

Hello RebelDots,

 After our press release announcing the story behind RebelDot and our Unlimited holiday policy we’ve received many questions from you. So, we decided to cover all of them through our following blog posts.

The first series of #WhoAreTheRebelDots starts with the story of our Unlimited Holiday policy.


Why unlimited holiday?


At RebelDot we have a culture of trust. Yeah, we know it might sound like a good PR line, but trust us (see what we did here? 😊  ), it is indeed our main pillar. Trust in our people and their intentions. In their maturity and commitment towards participating at RebelDot’s success. Because if the company grows, we grow with it.

We were also inspired by the words of Richard Branson’s, founder of Virgin Airlines: We should focus on what people get done, not on how many hours or days worked. Just as we don’t have a nine-to-five policy, we don’t need a vacation policy.’’

Having this mindset and wanting a stress-free organization, our CEO came up with the bold idea to implement an Unlimited Holiday policy.

We must confess that at first, we didn’t actually know how to react and there were lots of questions flooding our minds. It seemed too good to be true. And judging after your questions, you felt the same.

As we started implementing this new policy we must admit: it feels good not to worry about the remaining vacation days and creative ways of squeezing everything into your personal calendar.

 How does it work?

We thought the best way to explain how it works is by answering some of the frequently asked questions we received.

  • Do you have a maximum limit of days off? How about a minimum one?

We don’t have a maximum limit, but we do have a minimum one. According to the Romanian legislation, the employer is bound to offer 20 free days. Of course, we are going to respect that and keep track of the number of days each employee is going to take, to make sure that our colleagues benefit from the minimum days off.

  • What happens if someone wants to take 3 months off?

At RebelDot we use an internal tool to manage our vacation days. Once a request is submitted, the Team Leader will approve it taking into consideration team’s availability and project urgency.

Project deadline and commitment towards clients will always be respected, but this doesn’t mean we can’t be flexible and find solutions so that everybody receives what they need.

  • What’s the catch?

Ok, ok everything sounds good until now, but you might wonder what’s the catch? It must be something about this  plan. The answer is: drum roll please....



There is no catch. We offered this policy to our employees as a sign of appreciation towards their commitment and sticking together through the whole acquisition process.

For our future colleagues the policy will apply after their 2 years anniversary within the company.

What’s next?

We will enjoy the policy and see how it goes. We will keep you posted with our progress.

 P.S: Keep an eye on our Social Media channels for pictures from our holidays. 


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