My pre-employment journey | Sergiu

Hello RebelDots,

Do you remember this ad? We were looking for 2 passionate students to join our pre-employment training in our Oradea office.


After a challenging but exciting selection process we chose 2 interns to join us.

Sergiu and Valentin have already been part of the RebelDot team for one month now and we wanted to make you part of their experience so far by addressing a few questions.

 First one to go is Sergiu.😊

Tell us a bit about yourself and how your passion for technology started.

 To start with, I`m a sociable person and I like jokes. In my free time, I like to go out with my friends. Besides that, I love to learn more and more things about technology: starting from hardware and ending up with software.

How did my passion for technology start? That’s a funny story. My passion for technology goes back to when I was about 10 years old. I have a brother and by the time he was 4, he kept pressing the power button of my PC until it crashed. I was forced to take it to the service and pay for a Windows reinstall so many times in a row that I decided to learn how to do it myself. That was my first step in technology and from there I started to learn more about hardware and slowly about software too.


Why RebelDot? Why did you choose this program?

Join us and you will see why RebelDot. 😉

I can say that it is already like my second home and only one month has passed. All colleagues, including trainers, are very open minded and they always listen to what you have to say. They are such beautiful people with whom you will want to spend as much time as possible. At RebelDot you don’t feel tired or stressed because your colleagues will always make you feel comfortable. Besides this, all of them are supportive and they are always there to help you.

Another reason why I chose this program is because I can do both things: go to college and work at the same time as I have a flexible program which allows me to do this. They trust you that you give your best to succeed, so there’s no one next to you to check what you do every second.

Shortly, why RebelDot? Because we are a family and because you will have a future. They will help you enhance your skills.


How was your first month as part of the pre-employment program?

Has it already been a month? It passed by so fast!  All in one, what I can say about my first month of the pre-employment program is that I learned a lot of new things. Both related to programming (HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, TypeScript, Angular) and how to be part of a team, doing what a real team does. 

I learned how to step over a deadlock and how to find the best solution in everything. This month, I was surprised with myself because I managed to do some things that I’ve never thought I would do. This is due to the mentors who always offer their support, are always there to help you and they give you confidence in yourself.


What do you like best about the program?

 It’s hard to choose only one thing, but I’ll try. What I like the most is that I can say my opinion and it is taken into consideration. For example, I can learn better from video tutorials, so they adapted the curricula so that besides the books, they gave me a lot of video tutorials to make me feel comfortable and learn better. And as I said before, I like that the mentors, and not only, are always next to you to help you even if they have a lot of work to do themselves.


What is one awesome thing you’ve learned so far?

 I’m more than sure that it is the fact that ‘’ I learned how to learn’’ so to say and how to manage my time. I also learned how to be part of a solidary team. If one of us is in trouble, we will all be there to help him/her, as the quote says, “All for one, and one for all”.


What do you hope to learn by the end of the program?

By the end of the program I hope to learn even more programming, as I already do with each new day. I hope to learn how to be the best in what I chose to do, and for sure, I’ll learn how to be more patient when something goes wrong.


Share with us one funny thing about the RebelDots.

Only one funny moment? There are a lot of funny moments. But one of them is when we are playing foosball, or as we like to say “csocsó”, and the ball is ‘flying’ all over. For sure you will learn how to be a 'propeller', because you will need to be very fast ("They see me rollin', they hatin' ").

Thank you, Sergiu for sharing your experience with us! Stay tuned for Valentin’s perspective.

P.S: Can you spot Sergiu and Valentin in the picture below? 




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